Preview: Brazil

Americas World Cup Qualifiers

ICC Ranking: 27
Captain: Roberta Moretti Avery

Brazil enter this tournament having never tasted defeat in the T20 International arena and the highest placed team according to the ICC rankings. Ten wins under their belt, the most recent being the final of the South American Women’s Championships in October 2019.

Captain Roberta is a well known trailblazer in women’s cricket and despite the havoc wreaked on Brasil during the pandemic, she has managed to maintain training and fitness for the team despite the challenges. How does she see the competition unfolding?

Good question. These four teams haven’t competed together since 2011 so a lot has changed since then. All squads are being renovated and new cricket blood is coming through. I think will be surprised by the standard seen.

Are there any players we need to keep a close eye on? Some future stars?

In Brazil’s team we will have 6 uncapped players on tour. That is part of the development program we have here since 2010 and the Central Contracts for the women’s team. So on top of the key players from our last 2019 tour, we will have the new generation coming with Laura Cardoso, Renata Dina, Duda. This Laura Cardoso girl is a gun! She is only 16 and learning her batting ways – but man! What a girl!

Many of us have never seen this team in action so it is hard to know their strengths and weaknesses. What are they bringing to this competition?

I guess we are a little Thailand. Good fielders, agile – with good bowling! On cricket fundamentals, we are developing as any cricketing country – if the team follows my paths, as one of the oldest in the group, you will always see a happy, fierce team which is doing what it loves.

If the team culture follows anything like their football teams then we’re in for a treat of skills, colour and flamboyance.

I always say that Brazilian play with their hearts on the sleeves. We have passion! So playing it the Brazilian way will be our biggest strength. Determination is key for us and you will definitely see a lot of joy and music happening!

We wish Roberta and the team all the very best. Matches will be covered on ICC TV

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