We talk about the great players and characters of women’s cricket, both today’s and yesterday’s players. We discuss, we analyse, we chuckle. Join us in the conversation. We’re Talkin’ About Women’s Cricket.

TAWC was founded in 2020 by Australian writer, Rob Harvey, author of two cricket books. There’s a frustration with researching women’s cricket – incorrect or missing information about players and events. Or absolutely nothing at all. 

The larger cricket sites have stats and profiles of current players but delve back too far and you’ll see the records thin out. As a writer, these gaps in the available information, holes in the database make the research job even harder.

That’s why TAWC was built. Supporting this website is a database of every woman cricketer to have played international cricket. It’s quite a job writing profiles for every player but we are adding new information daily. However, the stats are there to see with the words to follow.

There has been a concentration on players from the past, Test players who were pioneers for the cause. Their stories are fading by the day and its been a particular focus to get their stories told.

Through this journey it also became evident that the stories of players from the associate nations are thin on the ground so they too are an important endeavour for TAWC.

We’re talkin’ about women’s cricket. Not some or a chose few, but all international teams. The passion to get these stories told is our driving force.

This is all original work. No cut and paste jobs from other web sites. It’s all proudly our own. 

Enjoy the journey with us.