ICC Full Membership:

Full Members are all eligible to play Test, ODI and T20I cricket although only two countries, Australia and England, play Test cricket at present. Afghanistan exists in name only but it is hoped that this will change.

New ZealandPakistanSouth AfricaSri LankaWest Indies Zimbabwe

ICC Associate Members:

All ICC Associate Members gained T20 International status as of July 1 2018. Many of the “non-traditional” cricket nations are making great strides in the women’s game. Thailand’s appearance in the T20 World Cup is testimony to that. The growth of cricket globally is in part due to the great success of the women representing these nations.

Asia East Asia Pacific Africa Americas Europe
Bhutan Fiji Botswana Argentina Austria
China Indonesia Kenya Belize Belgium
Hong Kong  PNG Ghana Brazil Belgium
Kuwait Philippines Lesotho Canada Denmark
Malaysia Samoa Malawi Chile France
Myanmar South Korea Maldives Costa Rica Germany
Nepal Vanuatu Mali Mexico Jersey
Oman   Mozambique Peru Netherlands
Qatar   Namibia United States Norway
Singapore   Nigeria   Scotland
Thailand   Rwanda   Spain
UAE   Sierra Leone    
    The Gambia