World T20 2023 Preview: Australia

Another Tournament, Another Trophy?

If they weren’t such a joy to watch, an inspiration to all young girls playing the game, the regular collection of World Cups might be a little tedious. Is this a case of another tournament, another trophy?


The real strength to this Australia unit, and this has been the case for such a long time, is the quality of the players who didn’t make the squad. Even during this campaign there will be players in the squad who can’t make the team.

One hallmark of Australian teams right from the first days of international cricket in 1934 and continues to this day is the sheer quality of their fielding. This team is a delight to watch in the field. They love it, it shows and is one reason why this team continues to win.


Australia is in Pool A along with New Zealand, South Africa, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. The only team in this Pool to have beaten Australia in this format is New Zealand who they play first.

For the record it is 24-21 in terms of victories, so the White Ferns are much closer than many might think. The first match for the Aussies is the hardest in this Pool. If they defeat New Zealand, as expected, then they march through the other teams to finish in top spot.

Key Players

Where does one start? They are all key players in a unit that famously shares the workload. If it’s not Mooney, it’s Healy. If it’s not Lanning, it’s Gardner. If the pace is ever heading towards the slow side, there’s Harris. There is a plug for every single gap. Fast bowler Darcie Brown has played in 15 T20 Internationals and 12 ODIs. Never been asked to bat even once in those 25 games.

Australia is missing a key player in the recently retired Rachael Haynes but that has coincided with the resurgence of a rejuvenated  Ellyse Perry. The veteran allrounder is in the form of her T20 life and could well be the Player of the Tournament.


Every game Australia plays is a danger game, because every team wants to knock them off. Every team comes with that extra bit of intent, that extra bit of effort. Even so, the Aussies have their measure.

Someone, somewhere asked Meg Lanning about complacency. A fair question given Australia’s dominance in all formats over the last four years. Lanning batted that away with the same assurance as that flick of hers to square leg. The Aussies are driven, have high expectations. Expect more of the Same.

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