The Netherlands v Australia 1937

On Saturday 22nd May 1937 the Netherlands hosted the Australian team at Nijmegen in a match that would mark the first times these teams would meet in a cricket match. The following day the two teams played at Harlem.

A speech in Dutch was prepared for Australian captain Margaret Peden to deliver and she spent a few days practicing her pronunciation. “My team won’t understand, and I am not sure the Dutch will.

Hospitality was showered on the team, which has taken up cycling. Mrs. Margaret Peden, the captain of the side, arrived at Nijmegen on a bicycle.” – Pat Jarrett, Murdoch Press journalist covering the tour.

The Dutch batted first at Nijmegen and scored 20 runs. Peden declared the innings closed at 195/6 (Peggy Antonio 42, Winnie George 31, Kathleen Smith 30) and the Dutch were 43/7 when stumps were drawn.

On Sunday at Harlem Australia score 212/9 declared (Pat Holmes 44, Hazel Pritchard 42) versus “Holland” 36 (Marie Jegust 2-3) and 27 (Amy Hudson 2-4, Elsie Deane 3-3)

These matches were played before the Australians played against England, so one could say that the Netherlands was Australia’s first overseas tour. It happened on this day and tomorrow and it is sheer coincidence that the days match perfectly in 2021.

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