Preview: Argentina

Americas World Cup Qualifiers

ICC Ranking: 33
Captain: Veronica Vasquez

It’s a challenge for a team to compete in a tournament when their last international match was two years ago.The Flamingos are not alone in that regard and this mid-ranked team is no better or worse off coming into the tournament than their competitors.

Captain Veronica Vasquez is expecting tough opposition.

Every country in the region is very strong. Women’s cricket in America has been constantly growing and during that process the Seniors teams get constantly better.

Given the pandemic restrictions, what has Argentina managed to do to ready themselves for the World Cup Qualifiers?

This will be a strange tournament in regards of preparation. Due to covid 19 countries as Argentina has been in long lockdowns making impossible for us to train and prepare as much as we would like to. Nevertheless we were lucky to play our local women’s league and in the second division league with men during some months in the past summer so hopefully that experience can be taken to the middle.

There is not a lot for us to look at in terms of form. Of the five matches Argentina have played since gaining T20 International status in July 2018, the Flamingos have beaten Peru, Chile and Mexico, while losing two games to Brazil.

I am very happy to see womens teams in the region getting better and better, women being recognized in some countries with cricket contracts, all these things make the game we love each year even stronger. I hope we can keep this pathway and that it can reach to every country in the region.

Veronica has been at the helm for many years and her experience is vital for the team. Any particular players we should be watching out for?

We need to look after every player in our team. Our team has very talented young players. The average age is 24 years old. Everyone comes from a sport world. We have many hockey players so they are used to handle pressure but still cricket is a new game for many of them so we need to give them the confidence to perform well.

Argentina’s campaign gets underway on Monday 18th against Canada. It’s a good start, for the Canadians are the lowest ranked team, perhaps helping the Flamingos get off to a good start.

I think we will have a great tournament. I look forward to it.

We wish them all the very best. Matches will be covered on ICC TV

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