1960s: Sober Times

South Africa joined Australia, England and New Zealand as a Test cricket nation in the 1960s, a decade with a high percentage of drawn matches. After the thrills of the 1950s Test cricket became a very dour battle.

Three day Test matches and a lack of enthusiasm for a result produced a dour decade of women’s Tests. Similarly with the 1950s, there were entire seasons where there was no international cricket at all. 

Australia toured New Zealand in 1960/61 (one Test) and England in 1963 (three Tests) and then nothing at all until 1968/69. England were a good deal busier, but by no means prolific. They toured South Africa in 1960/61 (four Tests), hosted Australia in 1963 and New Zealand in 1966 (three Tests each) and then a tour to Australia and New Zealand in 1968/69.

South Africa lost one and drew three of the Test in their debut series, a good deal stronger than they were expected to be. That series however was their last Test series until 1971/72, a gap of eleven years.

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