Anjum Chopra

Born in Delhi on May 20th 1977, Anjum Chopra was the ninth captain of the Indian women’s Test cricket team. She also led the Indian team in 28 ODIs and 10 T20 internationals.

Like many women cricketers, Chopra made her debut in her teen years, at age 17, first in an ODI against New Zealand, and then against England in the same year in a Test match. The left handed batsman made an immediate impact and averaged 67.5 runs against the English.

Anjum Chopra’s Test career spanned eleven years between 1995 and 2006, yet during that time played just 12 Tests. She assumed the captaincy of both the ODI and Test teams when Clare Connor’s England team toured in 2001/02. While the Test was a draw, Chopra and her Indian team whipped the English 5-0 in the ODI series. It was an emphatic confirmation of India’s rise as an international team, led by their young skipper.

A tour to South Africa followed, and while the ODI series, marred by inclement weather, was a 2-1 loss to India, Anjum Chopra led her team to a Test victory, the first overseas win by an Indian women’s team.

A drawn Test in England was the final of her three Tests as captain, never having lost a match.

Relinquishing the captaincy in 2003, Chopra continued to play Test, ODI and T20 cricket until her retirement in 2012 a career spanning 17 years. Continuing with cricket after she laid down her bat, Anjum Chopra currently works in commentary.

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