Tina Gough

Tina GoughTina Gough, a left hander from Hamburg, opens both the batting and bowling for the German women’s team, and is also vice captain.

Born 18th February 1994 in Hamburg, Tina played junior County Cup matches for Warwickshire from the age of eleven in 2005 and moved her way through the different age teams as she grew. It became apparent that the tall left lander was quite a handful opening the bowling. The time in Warwickshire was time well spent and her final matches for the county were in the senior women’s team in 2012.

A return home to Hamburg in 2016 saw Gough take up cricket in her home country. In 2018 the ICC granted Germany T20 International status and in 2019 Tina played in her debut match as Germany’s first captain. It was a tough initiation for the Golden Eagles, losing all four matches at ICC Women’s T20 World Cup Europe Region Qualifiers but they didn’t stay down long.

Since that beginning, solid series against Oman, France and Austria while performing credibly at the 2021 Qualifiers.

Tina has a century to her name, 101 not out, and is also the first player from Germany to pass 500 career runs.

(Photo: Deutscher Cricket Bund)