Jill Powell

Born on 19th January 1957 in Sheffield, Yorkshire, former England Test and ODI player Jill Powell whose twin sister Jane Powell also played for England but her career began a full five years after Jill’s.

Jill captained Junior England in a variety of matches in 1975 before progressing to Young England and then finally selected in the England Test team in 1979.

West Indies played three Test matches and three ODIs in England in 1979 and Jill was selected to play in the third one of each. In the Test she scored 17, 0 batting in the middle order and didn’t get a bowl. In the ODI she was out for 2 chasing quick runs at the end of the innings.

That was the end of Jill’s international career but did play with Western Australia from 1983/4 to 1986/7. While she and sister Jane were a regular feature of those junior England teams, the sisters never got to play international cricket together.