Ireland v United States 19 Sep 2022

Series: T20 World Cup Qualifiers 2022
Venue: Tolerance Oval
Format: T20I
Toss: United States
Result: Ireland by 9 wickets

The USA were 52/1 and looking good and then simply shot themselves in the foot with some silly shots, and running between the wickets that would make you cry. Ireland had no trouble mowing down the 92 needed, winners by 9 wickets.


United States 91 (Sindhu Sriharsha 25, Disha Dhingra 23, Arlene Kelly 2-17, Eimear Richardson 2-19) 20 overs
Ireland 92/1 (Gaby Lewis 44*, Amy Hunter 43, Sai Tanmayi Eyyunni 1-22) 13.1 overs

Player of the Match: Amy Hunter