Brazil’s Kwibuka 2022

Marvelous Victory off the Field

If you were sending an ambassador anywhere to promote women’s cricket, then would surely select Brazil’s Roberta Avery as lead diplomat. The Brazil captain was outstanding, along with her team as they arrived early and spread good cheer and humanity from the Americas. On that level it was a marvelous victory for all concerned.

On the field, it was a completely different matter. Brazil were one of a number of teams playing in Kigali that had not seen any international cricket in 2022. Uganda had just returned from a series in Nepal. Nigeria and Rwanda had played a series in Lagos in March. They had match fitness. But preparation is what you make of it. None of Tanzania, Kenya or Botswana had played this year either.

The outcome clearly showed the gulf between the talent of the African nations and those from other regions. Germany also struggled to match it with the African teams.

Brazil were also hampered by the loss of one of their leading players, Laura Cardoso, for half of the tournament due to Covid. Even after recovery she was not fully fit.

The team defeated both Germany and Botswana in the first part of the tournament and those wins kept them in the race but were no match for Uganda, Kenya or Tanzania. The final match was a loss to Nigeria in the battle for fifth place.



Batting has never been Brazil’s strongest aspect – the tight bowling and excellent fielding has been their calling card over the years – and it was no different in this tournament. Only one player passed 100 runs for the tournament, the captain Roberta Avery, and indeed her 52 against Botswana the highest score for the team.

The difficulties were most keenly felt at the top of the order, none of the opening combinations seemingly able to score at a swift rate. This as always puts added pressure down the order. It’s an area Brazil will be eager to work on.


Despite the absence of Cardoso, Brazil’s quick bowlers performed quite well, especially the two leading wicket takers, Maria Ribeiro and Nicole Monteiro. Surprisingly the off spin of Lara Moises was used sparingly at the beginning.

On debut, Carolina Nascimento performed well and is one to watch for the future.


Despite a few mishaps in the field, in general we saw the skills well executed across the board. Wicket keeper Evelyn de Souza was at her usual good form.

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