Sornnarin Tippoch

The former captain of Thailand’s T20 cricket team, Sornnarin Tippoch, had been at the helm for every one of the nation’s 39 games. In April 2021 the captaincy changed hands to Naruemol Chaiwai with Sornnarin remaining in the team.

Born on June 7th 1986 in Buriram, Sornnarin led Thailand to a world record 17 consecutive T20I victories. (For context, the next best is Australia with 16.)

The peak of Sornnarin’s achievement is surely getting to lead her country to the T20 World Cup in Australia in March 2020. Rain robbed Thailand of what seemed a certain victory over Pakistan in their final match.

The Thailand team is not a big run scoring unit. Their key strengths are restrictive, tight bowling backed up by excellent fielding and Sornnarin is a perfect highlight of that tight bowling, with an economy of under 4 runs per over.

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