Germany v France 8 Jul 2021 (3:00PM)

Series: France in Germany July 2021
Venue: Krefeld
Format: T20I
Toss: Germany
Result: Germany by 8 wickets

Second T20I

The second match in the series, the second match of the day between Germany and France and the second consecutive victory for the hosts.

Anu Doddaballapur won the toss for Germany and once again invited Emmanuelle Brelivet and the French team to bat. It was a similar tale to the earlier game in that the German bowling and fielding, in combination with the long grass, kept the scoring to a minimum.

It was the German captain herself who caused the most damage. In four overs Doddaballapur took 3-4, including one maiden and three overs where only four runs were scored. It’s not the first time this bowler has behaved in such a miserly way towards the opposition. (Anu took 5-1 against Austria a year earlier.)

France finished with 55 runs all out from 19.1 overs with Thea Graham top scoring with 11. Anna Healey was also in action with the ball with 2-10.

The 56 required for victory was easily navigated by the Germans, losing just two wickets along the way, with Tina Gough top scoring with 24 not out. The target was achieved in eleven overs.

France will need to regroup in a hurry in order to turn the series around. Key areas to look at are increasing the scoring rate and giving away few extras. They might take a leaf from the book of Tina Gough who has negated the problem of long grass by going aerial with her shots when batting. Equally they might take note of the strict focus on line and length from the opposition skipper, the Player of the Match.


France 55 (Thea Graham 11, Anu Doddaballapur 3-4, Anna Healey 2-10) 19.2 overs
Germany 56/2 (Tina Gough 24*) 11.0 overs

Player of the Match: Anu Doddaballapur